Waterbirth In Ireland: 2013 Homebirth Conference


photo credit: bbaltimore via photopin cc

Mind The Baby attended this year’s Irish Homebirth Conference were the main theme was waterbirth. Her post is a perfect summary of the main points spoken at the conference, and we want to share them with all of you.

Waterbirth. I remember being very young and thinking to myself that if giving birth in water was so much easier and less painful than without water, then why not every single woman birthed this way? I also thought to myself that I would definitely do this. Not only I haven’t, but my birth started with an induction and ended up in a C-section. I wish I knew then all what I know now about labour and birth.

Go to Mind The Baby blog and read the entire post: Labouring and giving birth in water: tips from the 2013 home birth conference

Have you experienced a waterbirth? Would you recommend it?


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