The Most Modern Moses Basket You Have Ever Seen

Moba Moses Basket

This is Moba®. The most modern moses basket you have ever seen. The Moba Moses basket combines the functionality of a traditional product with a contemporary design.

  Moba® is

  • Hygienic- it can be wiped clean.
  • A uniform size
  • Eco-friendly- made from a recyclable material that is soft to touch.
  • Safe & Durable- a tough product that will last generation to generation
  • A contemporary ergonomic design
  • A safe product with features to maximise airflow and breathability for safety and comfort of baby.
The Moba Moses basket is made in the UK but it is still not available. Its price will be £89.99
Moba Moses Basket
Will you be getting one?
Via Babyology 
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2 thoughts on “The Most Modern Moses Basket You Have Ever Seen

  1. Moba is nice, but Shnuggle is the worlds first Hypoallergenic and silent Moses basket. It is both Modern and traditional, making it a cost and safe place for baby to sleep! Google “Shnuggle” for some great reviews, or visit to see the Original Modern Moses basket!

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