That’s it…I’m Moving to India

IndiaWell, that’s it. If I get pregnant again I’ll move to India… The problem is, I don’t have an Indian family to do all that for me… But I might move to Spain for a while…it is not as good as India, but new mums get more help than what I see in Ireland. The family of a new mother in Spain gets heavily involved in supporting and helping out the new mum during the first months after the birth and even years I would say. it is not seen as a favour, it is just a way of life.

This article on the Telegraph says that new mothers should stop worrying so much about getting back to pre-pregnancy shape and style of life, and give themselves time to recover and bond with their newborn. I couldn’t agree more. But is not easy. at all. In one hand you have the social pressure of getting back into shape as soon as possible, and on the other, I don’t see in this country a good level of family support in these situations…

What do you think? Did you get the support you needed from family/friends after the arrival of a new baby?

3 thoughts on “That’s it…I’m Moving to India

  1. Unfortunately,
    I have not had the opportunity to participate in the up’s and down’s of pregnancy and motherhood, but it is refreshing to know that Indians place such a value on motherhood and helping the mother to bond with the child. It is so true that I think in the United States (and I guess Ireland) that we place such a big emphasis on mothers getting back to their pre-preganancy shape. Childbirth is such a process and the mother/child bond should take priority.

    I will say that I didn’t get the support that I needed from family and friends with my marriage though. A lot of older unhappily married and/or unhappily single married women were rude. It is hurtful when you embark upon a major life change without the support of loved ones. Thanks for providing a platform to discuss things like this :)

  2. In Ireland it’s quiet different here, we have our parents to support us but we are trying possibly too hard to be independent for our self. I envy the Indian approach as we only have hot baths and in some case still have to work to live in this environment.

  3. Yes, I am one such lucky person/Indian women – where my mum has been with me after I gave birth to my lovely daughter Pranu(3 yrs back). Yes, in India they give such importance to new mums to bond with their child.. and i feel really bad looking at some women have to start doing their day-to-day tasks within a couple of days since they have given birth (or gone through such emotional happiness/pain).

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