RIP Savita Praveen

Words from Savita's husband

Words from Savita's husband

You have probably heard by now, as it is all over the news that a healthy woman who was suffering a miscarriage was denied an abortion by University Hospital Galway and died after developing septicaemia from a miscarriage which lasted more than two days.

It looks like the Hospital told the couple that because this is a catholic country, they couldnt go ahead with the abortion.

Savita Halappanavar had originally presented to the hospital on 21 October complaining of severe back pain. She was found to be undergoing a miscarriage; however, the foetus remained inside her body and a foetal heartbeat was detected. As Savita became ill and her condition deteriorated over the following days, she reportedly repeatedly asked for the foetus to be removed.

However, the foetus was not removed until 24 October – almost three days from when Savita was first admitted to the hospital – after the foetal heartbeat had stopped.

Immediately afterwards Savita was brought to a high dependency unit in the hospital suffering from septicaemia. She died four days later on Sunday 28 October.

This is just awful. This family not only is suffering the loss of their unborn child, but now the loss of the mother. This is unacceptable and it looks like pretty much EVERYONE is horrified by this and really want to change the legislation for abortion, especially when a woman’s life is in danger. I still don’t get that is not legal already. Completely surreal if you ask me. More bullsht thanks to the Catholicism.

This same year, a group called “Termination for Medical Reasons” was set up hoping to change the legislation. It was on the news and radio for a bit, and then, like everything else, once it is stopped being covered by the media, was forgotten. Many brave women decided to share their heartbreaking stories just so people could see how wrong and how much this needs to change. But, like most of the time, nothing has changed.

Then, the Pro-Life people came up with their disgusting and judgemental posters all over the place and their sad little protests. (im not even going to put a link to THAT)

These people rushed to write about Savita as well on their website and look what they say

“According to the information that is available, it seems that a delay in administering antibiotics may have been the cause of the septicaemia which tragically led to her death.”

“Ireland’s ban on abortion does not pose a threat to women’s lives, according to the Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who care for Irish women every day. In fact, without abortion, Ireland is one of the safest places in the world for a mother to have a baby, according to the United Nations.”

If you are really horrified and saddened by this, there are a few things you can do

Write to your TD, campaign set up by the National Women Council of Ireland.

Some people are saying that these letters mean nothing to the TD’s so they are advising to actually pick up the phone, or at least change the automated generated email and write something yourself. Phone Numbers here


March Today at 6pm at the Dail, Kildare Street from 6pm, organized by Pro-Choice Ireland

Another march organized for Saturday at 4pm by Action on X “From the Garden of Remembrance to the Dáil, where we will hold a candlelight vigil in conjunction with Galway Pro-Choice to grieve Savita’s unnecessary death.”

It looks like there is also a protest organized in London at the Irish Embassy at 6pm, at 17 Grosvenor Place, SW1X 7HR

I leave you with some twitter reaction to the news




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3 thoughts on “RIP Savita Praveen

  1. The death of Savita Halappanavar should provoke outrage in anyone truly concerned about the health of women.

    Hopefully the investigation will shed some light on why Mrs. Halappanavar was refused treatment for miscarriage, when this treatment is regularly administered in this country, and is allowed for by the law and by the Medical Council.

    The treatment she needed was legal, so there is no question that a change in the law is what is needed here. It is medical negligence that she was not treated urgently.
    In cases where the fetus is still alive, the Medical Council in part 21.4 of its guidelines for medical doctors states that treatment is allowed even if “there is little of no hope of the baby surviving”.

    The treatment that Mrs. Halappanavar should have received is legal in this country. In fact, it is standard medical procedure in cases like hers. That she wasn’t treated is a failure of the hospital and medical team, not a problem with the law.
    I suspect that the medical council will strike off one or more people because of this and rightly so.

    The greatest thing we can do to honour Savita’s life is to insist on obstetric excellence – that is what saves women’s lives, not abortion.

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