Remember THAT breastfeeding TIME Magazine cover?

Back in May this year, the cover of the TIME magazine showing a mother breastfeeding her nearly 4 year old caused havoc on the internets. People went to extremes in favour and against the idea of what is called “extended breastfeeding” and “attachment parenting”.

Jamie Lynne Grumet and sonThe woman on the cover, Jamie Lynne Grumet, said that she would keep breastfeeding her son until he was 5. She is back now saying that her son is done with breastfeeding at the age of 4.

In the interview, published yesterday, Mrs Grumet also revealed that she had turned down 12 offers to appear on reality shows, as well as several offers of book deals and product endorsement”

In the months since TIME’s article was published, Mrs Grumet also slammed the magazine for its portrayal of her, and attachment parenting.

She claims that the cover image chosen was an ‘outtake’ from the shoot, and looked ‘confrontational and detached’.

Read more about it on the Daily Mail

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