Katie Hopkins Judges Children By Their Name

Katie Snob Hopkins

A few posts on Facebook referring to this interview with lots of angry comments made me watch it.

So, before I start my rant, I will describe the scene. It takes place during the popular UK program “This Morning” presented by Holly Willoughby.

They are interviewing Katie Hopkins, a former contestant of “The Apprentice” and “I am a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”

This Katie woman is defending her idea of judging children by their name. Yeah you heard that right. So if your child is called Tyler, then, the poor chap has no chance. Or Chantelle…

A name for me, is a short cut  a really efficient way to working out what class that child comes from, do I really want my children to play with him… I tend to think that children that have intelligent names, tend to have intelligent parents…


She doesn’t like “Geographical location names”, but her daughter is called India… Anyway, watch it for yourself…

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