Irish Bloggers On World Meningitis Day

Meningitis: Keep WatchingToday is World Meningitis Day. Thankfully I haven’t experienced meningitis in my family. I don’t know much about this illness, so this post is as informative to you as it is for me.

I leave you with links to some great Irish bloggers who have taken the time to talk about this and help raise awareness.

But first, I leave you with the video of the campaign. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Ireland has the highest rate of meningococcal disease in the EU, and there are about 170 cases of Meningitis B diagnosed here each year. Wednesday April 24 is World Meningitis Day, and the Meningitis Research Foundation of Ireland (MRFI) is encouraging people to be aware of the signs, and take swift action, in order to reduce the risks caused by this serious disease.



I remember the first time the horror of meningitis was brought home to me. I was 21 years of age, and my work placement saw me visiting parishes around my home county, cataloguing all of the churches, graveyards, and holy sites of the diocese.


From Awfully Chipper


From Looking For Blue Sky

It started like any other school morning with young children. A mad scramble to organise clothes and cereal and school bags and teeth cleaning… But I noticed that my son was looking a bit peaky.  Pale, droopy and not his usually noisy self at all.  He was six then, and still an early riser, and as the minutes passed he got slower and slower until he just flopped on the sofa.

From Carmel Harrington 

Thankfully in the main when a rash appears it’s nothing sinister. Babies get rashes all the time to keep us on our toes! However, when our little boy Nate was 5 weeks old he became very ill. A rash appeared followed quickly by a high temperature so Roger and I drove at breakneck speeds to our GP who quickly had Nate admitted to Wexford Hospital. Nate was terribly ill and in a lot of pain.


From Glitter Mama Wishes

Meningitis Facebook Page

2 thoughts on “Irish Bloggers On World Meningitis Day

    • So true Kate. I dont know what I would do if it happened to my little one, but at least now Im aware of the signs. Thanks for thinking of Meetmums for this campaign.

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