33 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Pregnant Woman

This made me laugh out loud. Mind The Baby has written about those things people usually say to pregnant women, but actually SHOULDN’T.

Pregnant Woman

My bump is too low you say? via Photopin

If you have ever being pregnant, then you have probably being told one or two or a few of these lines. I would say most of the time these things come from well-intended people, but a pregnant woman and her hormones will probably think : “Will you just SHUT UP?” Just sayin’

These are the ones I heard:

Should you be eating that?

Any sign of that child yet?

You’re carrying very low. It must be a girl/boy.

Would you ever hurry up and have that child?!

You don’t actually have to eat for two, you know.

First labours take days, you know.

Enjoy your sleep while it lasts…

Read the rest on Mind the Baby Blog

Could you add any more to the list?

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2 thoughts on “33 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. hilarious and true!!!!

    When I was pregnant…one thing I absolutely hated was when random people would touch my stomach without asking permission… ITS STILL MY BELLY YOU KNOW!

    the next list should be 33 things you should never do to a pregnant woman!
    lol Great post!

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